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You didn’t go into business for yourself
so you could fill out spreadsheets, did you?

This is the problem many FBA and Shopify merchants face:

Once you start making money, the time it takes to track and
report it eats up all the time you have to grow your business.

If you’re spending too much time keeping tabs on what your business has already done—tracking inventory, keeping your books, preparing tax forms—then you’re missing out on all the action your business could be taking instead:
  • Identifying which products are making you the most profit (so you can sell more)
  • Managing inventory for maximum sales and minimum cost (so you don’t lose out on sales because of empty stock or tie up your cash flow in unsold products)
  • Setting up a tax structure that keeps more of your hard-earned money—legally—for years to come (so you don’t have to fear the IRS or a future audit)
  • Expanding to profitable overseas markets without legal and financial headaches (so you can take full advantage of your online opportunities)
  • Increasing your cash flow (so you have more options to grow your business—and enjoy your life!—every day)

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My name is Patrick Cooper, and I’m the secret weapon of many top Amazon FBA, Shopify, and other online retail businesses. I'm an accountant and business consultant with tons of experience in eCommerce. That means I know how to:

Track Your Cash

Grow New Cash

Keep More Hard Earned Cash


This triple speciality may not entitle me to wear a cape, but it does give me superhero powers when it comes to advising you on how to optimize and expand your online business.

Top online sellers depend on me to identify lucrative business opportunities, ward off legal problems, stay in compliance with tax laws, and pave the way to accomplish big goals.

They also love that I do all the paperwork.

Can I do the same for you?

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